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I was born in Charleston, South Carolina and raised in Durham, North Carolina where I graduated from Mount Zion Christian Academy.  After high school I attended the Savannah College of Art and Design where I received my B.F.A and M.A. in Graphic Design.  I grew up reading comic books and most of my love for art came from comic book artists like Alex Ross and Jim Lee.  Graffiti was also a major influence in my life as well as the fashion designer who created FUBU.  I considered both graffiti and comic book art some of the greatest forms of design.

My introduction to Graphic Design was at See Saw Studios in Durham, NC.  This after-school program gave middle and high school teens an opportunity to express themselves through different types of art like fashion, sequential art, industrial design and graphic design just to name a few.  My first assignment at See Saw Studios was to do a silkscreen T-shirt design.
I saw the process for developing T-shirts and it made me see design development in a whole new light.  I had a better understanding of process and how important it is in defining the work I do. 

My hunger for knowledge led me to apply to Savannah College of Art and Design where I completed my B.F.A and M.A. program which sharpened my skills as a Typographer and Graphic Designer.

After college, my first job was with Marine Corps Community Service (MCCS) Marketing in Okinawa, Japan where the award-winning monthly publication "Okinawa Living" is produced.  Here I had the daily task of creating effective print advertisements, billboards, logos and T-shirt designs for on and off base events.  I also got to develop several unique and innovative editorial layouts for the magazine.  MCCS Marketing has taught me a great deal about designing and has also helped me to achieve a higher understanding of my graphic design skills.  Ultimately I won four Davey Awards including one Gold and three Silver awards for the work I designed at MCCS.


Brand and Logo development is one my favorite aspects of Graphic Design.  Brands are created to be long lasting and the first thing that consumers remember about a business. My philosophy concerning branding with my clients is that they can have a beautiful mark, but this is 40% design—the rest is what the business brings with the mark.  Some people expect the brand to do all the work, but the business has to shine to give the  mark a stronger meaning.  Ads are also put in place to reinforce and repeat these things to the general public so that someone will never forget and it becomes a normal thing in people’s life.


Through my design my customers will receive a brand that is timeless.

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